Living in a postcard

status: realised in 2021 – distribution by Film Option International
a documentary film RT 52’ Italy

Tourism teases us with picture perfect images, hiding the social tensions it creates. From Venice to the CinqueTerre and from London to Barcelona we discover if those problems will still exist after the pandemic.

Fight for the ball

status: development/production – release date: June 2022 – Jan 2023
a documentary series 6×26’-52’ – 84’ Italy-South Africa

Can six coaches, in very different places around the world, use football to solve the most pressing social problems of our time?

The dream coach

status: realized in 2014
a documentary film RT 52’ Italy

The story of Sergio Vatta, the most influential youth football coach in Italy and Europe, and his revolutionary idea of football and sport.

Digital MagramMeri

status: development- release date: Ottobre 2023
a documentary film RT 84’ + cross media cultural project

In Papua New Guinea, along the secluded Sepik River, Claytus, a traditional storyteller, is going to record on digital media the most important traces of his disappearing oral culture.