Living in a postcard

status: post-production – release date: June 2020
a documentary film RT 52’-84’ – Italy

Until 2019 tourism economy has been one of the most driving in the world, but it has also changed forever the lives of the inhabitants of the destinations.

Fight for the ball

status: production – release date: May 2021
a documentary series RT 8×26’ and One off 84′ – South Africa – Italy

Eight football coaches from around the world, from the slums of Ghana to the skyline of New York, deal with problems of everyday life and fight to teach more than sport.

The dream coach

status: completed in 2014
a documentary film RT 52’ – Italy

A revolutionary football coach invented a new approach in sport education.

Digital Magrammeri

status: development – release date: November 2021
a documentary film RT 84’ + cross media project

In Papua New Guinea, along the secluded Sepik River, Claytus, a traditional storyteller , is going to record on digital media the most important traces of his disappearing oral culture.