Fight for the ball

Status: development-production – Distribute by Windrose
Release date:  (2 stories by June 2022 – other stories January 2023)
a documentary series RT 6×26’ , 52’ selected stories and 84’ one off
produced by Vision In Africa, Reassemblage and 4Rooms
co-financed with the resources of the POR FESR Liguria 2014-2020

Fight for the ball

Fight for the ball

Status: development-production 
Release date:  (2 stories by June 2022 – other stories January 2023)
a documentary series RT 6×26’ , 52’ selected stories and 84’ one off
distribuited by Windrose –  email:

produced by Vision InAfrica, Reassemblage and 4Rooms
written by Christian Nicoletta and Alessandro D’Alessandro
directed by Christian Nicoletta and Sylvia Vollenhoven


Can six coaches, in very different places around the world, use football to solve the most pressing social problems of our time?


Six coaches (3 women and 3 men) fight everyday to teach more than sport. They have social goals and they use football to reach them.
Football is a common language that is understood in all the countries where it is played. But the playgrounds, the way the players and the coaches reach them and the relationships between them reveal a lot of the culture and of the social situation of the countries.
For instance in Ghana football becomes an instrument to push the boys of the slum to become excellent students with a chance of having a better future. In New York, for a young mother, football is a corner of personal freedom between taking care of children and being a career woman. In Genoa Franco makes an interesting experiment of integration of refugee from Africa and of education of the community. In Cape Town Athi and Rosie within their RV United uses football to empower young women and give them more educational chances.
All the stories take us in a different society and in a different cultural environment but in all of them football is an instrument used by an inspired coach to make a better world.


Episode 1 SANI AND HIS STARS – Kumasi, Ghana
Since 50 years coach Sani teaches football to hundreds of kids with the purpose to make them good students and citizens. At 73 of age he has to find a substitute that will continue his job.

Episode 2 ATHI AND ROSIE – Cape Town, South Africa
In the poorest neighborhoos of Cape Town, Athi, a young woman, plays football in RV United and coaches a team of young girls. She uses football to empower young women and change a patriarchic cultural system. She is helped by Rosie, a young american, who manages the project since 5 years. But Athi just suffered a serious injury to her knee and she is not sure to be able to for most prestigious tournment of the city.

Episode 3 CEIS GENOVA SPORT – Genova, Italy
In the city of Genoa the CEIS GENOVA, a solidarity association, started a new project and gave to Franco the duty to coach a team entirely composed of refugees coming from Central Africa, with the purpose to integrate the guys in the local community. But life off the field, (with job issues, cultural and linguistic misanderstandings ), is not easy for the guys and Franco will have to use all his energies to keep the team together.


Episode 4 GIRLS OF NEW YORK -New York, USA

Episode 5  set in Germany

Episode 6 set in France