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80′ documentary film  / in development

produced by Reassemblage and Mufilm


In the suburbs of Kumasi, a 2 millions inhabitants city in Ghana, Sani teaches football in the school he founded 50 years ago. He teaches to his young players to work hard in order to prepare for their future.Now he is forced to quite because he is too old. What will happen to his school ?

The school, Anokye Stars, is manages since 1964 by Sani Pollux, who has always worked as a volunteer. Sani is too old now and in 2018 he will quite to coach.

This documentary will show his last weeks of trainings . The future of the school is uncertain and Sani does not know what could happen next.

He started the school when he was only 17, in order to keep young guys far from the perils of the city and it became one of the best football school in Ghana, sending many players in Ghana National teams and to Europe. But he never had any help by Ghana Football Association.

We show the school and the playground as a microcosmos that reflects reltionships, hopes and tensions of the whole city, of the whole Ghana, of the whole Africa.

It is a little world that show an old man in the effort to let the young guys prepare for a much better life, that’s why it could represents the whole Africa.During our research activity at the football school we have been impressed by its efficiency and the collaboration of the guys.

Sani teaches alone to 180 players, at the age of 70, a job that in western counties would be done by at list 10 employees.

This documentary film will represent the new african generation far from usual stereotypes, young players that work hard to keep their future in their own hands.